Friday, October 31, 2014

On a spectacular Thursday morning, room 9 was given the opportunity to make food with the schools freshly grown vegetables. Everyone made a group of four that we would be making the food in. I was in a group with my amazing friends Rosie, Caoimhe and Abi.

We were first given the picked vegetables like carrots, cabbage and silverbeet that we went and washed because they were growing in soft soil that stuck to them. We then started dicing them into very small bite size pieces. We were also given some rice paper and a tray filled with hot water. I dunked a few rice papers in the hot water so it became soft and and a bit sticky. And then filled it with the cut up vegetables that we made before. I rolled it up being careful with every side trying not to rip any holes. After my group and I had filled some rice papers all of our reading buddy class came to help. My group helped the little kids with filling and rolling it all up. Rosie and I ripped some rice papers by accident while they we softening. After every group had made around 6-8 filled rice papers we then went outside to help water and plant the vegetables. And we left the food to set.

When we arrived at the garden we helped our little buddies put the gloves on and find a watering can. I planted all sorts of seeds with my buddy and we sprinkled water all over every plant we found.We started After a while our food we made earlier had set and was ready to eat. It was the first time most of the class had tried this type of food. We also had a bowl of sweet and sour sauce. We all learnt the benefits of growing your own food.

by Emma Dobson

Friday, October 17, 2014

Passion Projects

Today students there Passion Projects. Check out the slideshow above to see what the students have chosen as a topic.