Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Year 7-8 Film Festival

The Year 7-8s at Oaklands School were given the challenge of turning their recounts into films. There were some rules about the films:
  • two days to create the film - one day planning and one day filming
  • the movie had to be about someone or something at Oaklands School
  • the movie had to be filmed in first person perspective
  • only music and sound effects were allowed for the audio
Please go to our Year 7-8 Film Festival site and watch the videos, and even better get voting

A bit about Muiz

Last week Muiz became a member of Room 9. Muiz is from Pakistan. He has made a video about himself.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Another day in the life of... a security camera.

What we had to do was to chose a person or an object to do a recount about to learn more about Empathy. So I chose to do " A Day In The Life Of A Security Camera ". 

With a slight beep I woke up all ready to start a brand new day of watching the school. As I rotated around  I saw a few girls that were whispering to each other walk past. I rotated arround to see what they could be whispering about. I zoomed in with my lens on a girl walking past. I then knew that she was the one they were whispering about. 

As the bell rang I saw kids rushing out of their classes with food in their hands. I rotated around and saw one of the girls that we're whispering this morning, push the girl they were whispering about off the playground. I then saw her heeding to the sick bay with her hand over her nose. I felt really bad for her. :( 

As the bell rang for lunch, I saw kids running out from their class rooms with lunch-boxes. I noticed the girl from this morning go and sit down on a bench all alone. I then zoomed in on one of the other girls from this morning, and I saw her pick up a ball and throw it at the girl sitting on the bench. 

I then saw the girl pick up the ball and throw it back at the other girls. They then went away out of my vision. Once they came back they had brought a duty teacher over. I saw them talking about something but I don't know what because it was to nosey to hear anything.

Once the bell had rung for home time, I saw kids and their pearnts walk past. I then saw the girl that got picked on, go and sit on the bench bellow me and get out her cellphone. I zoomed in and saw that she had a message from the girls that picked on her. I looked up and saw the other girls laugh, point and stick out their tougngs at her. It must be horable to get picked on.

By Mereana

Team Newsletter

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Teachers morning

Last term the Year 7 and 8 students decided to write recounts from the perspective of another person or object at Oaklands School. The students followed the writing process and published these on their blogs last week. They turned out great.

They decided to take this further by turning their recounts into a first person film. The students had to learn a variety of filming techniques, such as:

  • how to use different camera angles
  • transitioning between one shot and another
  • lighting
  • perspective
The students on Tuesday and Friday last week, planned and filmed their projects. These are going to be put onto a website for people to vote on. To give you a bit of the flavour, I have added the one I made about a teacher's morning.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reporting 1to8 Episode 7

Through My Eyes

At the end of last term and the beginning of this term we have been writing recounts from the viewpoint of an object or person at Oaklands School. These are going to be created into films. Here is Sylvia's insightful recount...

With a beep I wake up, fully charged and ready for the day. I scan my surroundings and see a couple of teachers come out of the office, heading towards their classrooms and students walking past to their friends. The bell rang as children race past me, towards their classrooms trying not to be late. I take a look around realizing there was no one there.

The bell rang for morning tea. Children are walking out of the classrooms with food in their hands. I saw a kid walking past and she sits on a bench in front of me. I turned left to see a group of other girls walking towards her whispering. Feeling curious I zoom in to get a closer look. The group spots her and turns towards her. I try to get a closer look but the girls were blocking my view. Feeling annoyed I wait patiently for them to leave. The bell rings indicating that it's time for class. When they finally left I see the girl sitting there crying. She stands up and sadly walked back to class.

Around halfway through lunch I glance around and see the same girl from morning tea limping to the sick bay with her friend by her side. I felt shocked. How did she get hurt? Who hurt her? Was it those girls. The poor girl enters the office. I look around and see the group of girls laughing while hiding behind a bush.

After lunch I see classes line up and walk into the hall one by one. Once they were all inside, after a while I could see the group of girls sneak inside. What are they up to? I wonder curiously.
The bell rings and I immediately see kids race past and adults trying to find their children. I see the girl who I had seen at lunch crying on the bench below me. What happened? The group of mean girls laugh and stick out their tongues out at her as they walk to the car park. I frown and decide to have a nap and get ready for tonight.