Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hayley's Leadership

Last week I had librarian,I have librarian every second thursday,every odd week, with three other girls.
Last week I read a book to three little girls who were in year 1-2 when I read the book to entertain them more and to feel interested in the book I asked questions that were related to the book which got them thinking about things.The book we read was about a bath tub where every night the bath tub would move to a different pace in the house on of the questions was do you have a bath tub in your kitchen??? the little girls thought that it was a little weird for the bath tub to move and as they said "NO!!!"
 "My bath tub stays in the bathroom every night and day and the tub cant move" commented one of the girls.After I helped issue books out for other children in all different ages.All the time we put away the books that need to go back to their place so other children can read the books.
Last week I enjoyed librarian and its a fun job to interact with the joiners.

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