Thursday, May 7, 2015


Over the past few weeks, we have been learning to write poetry using poetic language features. Here is a selection of our efforts.

Giraffes are very spotty,there fur is very dotty,
Giraffes have very long necks so you  have to feed them of the decks,
Giraffes tongues are very blue 
so be careful they don't lick you!
                                                                        By Caity                                                                         

I've told you a million times that cats have the most cutest fluffy soft fur in the whole entire world.

They even have the most sparking eyes espeacially when they walk in the dark their eyes flash like a torch at you.
Their tails shake at you like a snake.
Their just so cute I told you,you'll never get rid of them. 
Of course they are the best in the world.....

by Zainab

 As FANTASTIC! as you can imagine
                                              it's better then you think trust me Iv'e
                                                  been there don't give me a wink.
                                                       Family friends fun for all
                                                Rainbows end is not all that make's
                                                you feel tall.Now i highly recommend
                                                    you going there but make sure
                                                    you go in a pair or you could   
                                               start to feel fear or you might end up
                                                living there.It's nice in the night and
                                                        nice in the day even when
                                                  it's raining your tears will go away.
                                                     Well it's Adventure Amazing
                                                     Awesome Wonderful well I'll
                                                         let you guess while you go
                                                                  on this journey.

by Ellie

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