Thursday, May 26, 2016

Short Stories

Over the past few weeks we have been focussing on Short Stories for Writing.

Here is Jake's

                                        Koru Games
In 2015 there was a team of confident outstanding footballers In the Koru Games tournament. We were very excited to be apart of the koru games football A team the boys and myself trained hard and played hard for this moment. The time came to get on the bus and play are first match of football we were extremely hyped up. It took about 30/45 minutes to get there but it was all worth It. The boys and I were working out strategies for the football matches. But I’m not here to talk about 2015 I’m here to talk about 2016’s koru games football A team. Now I won’t bore you by telling you who Is In the team but I will say It’s going to be one hell of a ride. This year we are stronger faster and we are going to demolish all the teams standing In are way because this year Is are year are moment are time.

This year Mr muller and myself and all the boys are committed to coming top 3 In the koru games tournament. I know my boys will work and work and work to be In the top 3 place for the 2016 koru games A football team I have no doubts that we have the potential to come top 3 or even win koru games for 2016. Last year In 2015 football A team we worked very hard but we missed out and came 6th but all the boys would have learnt from that and we Will beat that placing.

This year the boys and myself are goal focused on having a great attitude some of these things are said from some of the A team boys on how important It Is to have a good attitude.JackM said
“It Is very Important to have a good attitude because If you don’t It kind of effects your team mates In a negative way”JackH said “I think it Is Important to have a good attitude but It really depends on how your feeling and If your teammates know that you don’t feel 100% about the game that were playing”Jake said “This Is going to be a good year”

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