Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tamara and Natasha's Animal Creations

My animal is a Tigurtle it is crossed with a  Tiger and a Tuttle.ot is the strongest animal because of its hard shell and its sharp claws it is quit strong.I think I am extended abstract because I used lots of different things take your time,mould things together, catoonish,start with simple shapes 

This is my cartoon animal it's called Stompa Moo it is the most invincible animal because it has large feet to stomp on things ,wings so it can fly , it also has a protective shell so noting can hurt it and two horns to push things out of its way.

I think my cartoon is extended abstract because I took my time and I shaded it lightly before I added all the details . My next step is to add texture to make it look more like a real animal.

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