Sunday, August 25, 2013

Poetry - Metaphors

Last week we have been learning to use create a poem that uses poetic language features - especially metaphors. The students watched the video (above) and wrote some stunning poetry in response to it. Here are some examples:

Disappointed is animals dying from trying to eat harmful plastic.
Annoyed is dumped disgusting rubbish in the once beautiful ocean.
Upset is harmless animals choking on dirty plastic. 
Frustrated is thousands of contaminated plastic floating in the ocean. 
Will people ever stop littering?


Horrified is marine animals dying from
stomachs filled with dirty twisted plastic.

Disgraced is disgusting rubbish getting
dumped in the once beautiful ocean.

Perturbed is animals scared stiff in
their own natural habitats and homes.

Unhappy is when the only thing
changing is more feces filled plastic getting
dumped in the ocean.

In the end, who will this really effect? 


Upset is destroying wonderful sea lift with a giant garbage ocean.
Furious is dumping trash into the used-to-be wonderfully clean ocean.
Depressed is sea animals dying in the giant plastic ocean. 
Worried is wondering if trash will keep getting dumped into the ocean.
Do you feel this way?


Enraged is a poor octopus living in a disgustedly yucky plastic shower head.
Apologetic is innocent marine animals dieing in ridiculous moldy plastic stuff.
Upset is awful looking rubbish floating in the ocean.
Absolutely disgusted that people don't care about poor marine animals


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