Thursday, August 22, 2013

Talent Show

Last week Kelsey, Ella, Finlay and Rachel completed their organisation of the Talent Show. This was a major undertaking and here are their reflections about it.

Hi my friends Rachel,Finlay,Ella and I did a talent show.We have just done our last talent show. something that I found challenging was getting all the thing ready for the people.All the people that did the talent show did well.

Rachel and Finlay
In the past term, Finlay, Kelsey, Ella and I have organised and hosted a talent show for a homework challenge. For this talent show, we had 4 lots of auditions, 2 semi finals then 1 final. I really enjoyed organising this event and seeing all the amazing acts. Next time I think we could improve having the music a bit more organised but altogether I think it was amazing. (:

This year Kelsey Finlay Rachel and I hosted and organised a Talent Show for the Year 4-8. We had many people audition and a lot of people had amazing talent. We were raising money for the Ronald Mcdonald house and we raised around $361.00. My favourite part of the Talent Show was watching all the amazing acts , heaps of people have such extrondanry talent at Oaklands School :)

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